David Tallett - Privacy Statement

This privacy statement relates only to David Tallett's work on a personal basis as a volunteer and for the website at davetallett26.w3spaces.com. I, David Tallett, do not capture and store any personal information about individuals who access this web site, except where you voluntarily choose to give me your personal details via email. In these cases, in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 the personal data you provide electronically to me will be used exclusively for providing you with the information you have requested. I do not pass any of your personal data to outside organisations or individuals, except with your express consent. However, the information you provide may be stored using UK2 email, W3Schools, Lenovo, Microsoft Windows with Microsoft 365 and OneDrive and Google online services and as such may be stored in the UK, Norway, China and The United States of America respectively. I have a Zettle card reader, transaction details contain the last four digits of the card that is read. Zettle is a European Bank registered in Luxembourg. From time to time I may volunteer for organisations which do not have a clear privacy policy. This privacy statement is intended to cover those occasions. This privacy statement also covers my work in a personal capacity.

My data protection certificate number is ZB266859. Please search the register at www.ico.org


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